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River FAQ

Frequently Ask Questions

How does our gear get to camp?

We carry all your gear with us down the river on support rafts, including a 33 foot pontoon raft!

Can I switch between rafts, drift and dory boats and inflatable kayaks?

YES! We encourage all guests to try a ride in each type of craft on the trip.

Where will we camp?

We camp on a sandy beaches by the river. There are enough camp sites along the river that we can have our own site each night.

What is the weather like?

Prepare for hot weather!  Summer temperatures range from 85F to 110F. May and September temperatures range from 60F to 90F.

What if I cannot swim?

All our guests wear a Coast Guard approved life jacket at all times while on the river. We have taken many non-swimmers.

Will I have to do any work?

Our guides do all the work, including cooking, cleaning, camp work and rowing. You just sit back and relax. For those who want to participate more in their adventure, you can paddle an inflatable kayak, take a turn at the oars, or help in the kitchen under your guides supervision.

Are gratuities allowed?

Yes! Tips for guides are always appreciated. During your time on the river, your guides serve many roles to make your trip special. If your crew did an outstanding job, a gratuity between $150-$250 per guest is customary and given to your Trip Leader. Tips will be split evenly amongst your guides.

Is it possible to charter a trip?

Yes, we can put a trip together just for your group. The minimum number is 10 and the maximum is 24. We would be pleased to tailor a trip just for your group.

What are the bathroom facilities?

We carry portable toilets, with hand washing facilities.

Who will be our guides?

One or more members of the Barker family will be on each trip. We are proud of guides. All of our guides exceed the minimum requirements for licensing by the State of Idaho. Many of our guides have extended first aid credentials. We have guides that are Emergency Medical Technicians (EMT), Registered Nurses, and Ski Patrol trained – Outdoor Emergency Care Providers. Some of our guides have more trips personally on the Salmon River than the entire staff of other companies. All of guides know the history and lore of our rivers and are eager to share it with you.

What if I want to fish?

The Salmon, Owyhee and Grande Ronde trips provide opportunities to fish. If you really want big fish we suggest that you ask for information about fall Steelhead season. The Clearwater and the Salmon-Snake have a world famous Steelhead fishery.

What is the minimum age for children?

A child’s first encounter with the water should not be a river trip. If your children are comfortable around water and are least 6 years old; we will provide a memorable trip for them. Children as well as adults must wear their life jacket at all times on the river.

What about my camera and video camera?

We can provide waterproof containers for your gear. Please remember that this is a whitewater trip. Waves do splash the boats and the waterproof box won’t be much good if you fall in the river with your camera in hand.

What do we eat?

Our guides love to cook. We fix fresh food. We carry ice so that we can have fresh meat, poultry, fruit and vegetables. We serve a lot of great food so bring your appetite. If you have some special dietary needs, please let us know ahead of time so we can plan for you.

Where do the trips leave from?

Salmon and Grande Ronde trips leave from our Lewiston warehouse. We have secured parking for your car, truck or motor home. Owyhee trips leave from Boise, Idaho. On all trips we take you to the river and return you to the point of departure.

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